Cancellation and Refund Policy for USIB THE TEAM (www.usibtheteam.com)

USIB THE TEAM (USIB) is committed to providing high-quality web development, web design, application development, and digital marketing services to our clients. This Cancellation and Refund Policy outlines the terms under which a project can be cancelled and the associated refund options.

1. Project Cancellation by Client

Clients have the right to cancel a project at any time. However, the amount of any refund will depend on the stage of the project at the time of cancellation:

  • Pre-Production: A full refund will be issued if the project is cancelled before any work has begun. This includes pre-production activities such as initial consultations, project scoping, and proposal development.
  • During Production: If the project is cancelled during production, a prorated refund will be issued based on the percentage of work completed. USIB will provide documentation outlining the completed work to justify the prorated amount.
  • After Completion: No refunds will be issued for projects that have been completed and delivered to the client's satisfaction.

2. Project Cancellation by USIB THE TEAM

USIB reserves the right to cancel a project under the following circumstances:

  • Client Non-Payment: If the client fails to make a scheduled payment, USIB may suspend work and ultimately cancel the project if the payment remains outstanding for a period of 15 days. Any completed work up to that point will be invoiced and due for payment.
  • Project Scope Changes: If the client requests significant changes to the project scope after work has begun, USIB may cancel the project if the changes are deemed unfeasible or impractical. In such cases, USIB will provide a prorated refund based on the percentage of work completed for the original project scope.
  • Force Majeure: Circumstances beyond USIB's control, such as natural disasters, acts of war, or civil unrest, may force project cancellation. In such cases, USIB will use commercially reasonable efforts to complete any outstanding work and will issue a prorated refund based on the percentage of work completed.

3. Refund Process

If a project is cancelled and a refund is due, USIB will process the refund within 7 business days of the cancellation date. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method used by the client.

4. Additional Information

  • This Cancellation and Refund Policy applies to all projects undertaken by USIB.
  • USIB strongly encourages clients to review and understand this policy before entering into a project agreement.
  • For any questions regarding this policy, please contact USIB directly.

Contact Information:

  • info@usibtheteam.com

By using the services of USIB THE TEAM, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Cancellation and Refund Policy.